During these challenging times it is more important than ever to maintain a spiritual practice like yoga and meditation. It is vital to cultivate your inner peace and innate wisdom to navigate the confusing waters of modern life in this digital age. With all the political and social changes going on it is also important that we awaken to our True Self, so that we can re-create a world that works for everyone. Social injustice, economic inequality, war, and pollution are all issues that humanity faces. But what can we as enlightened beings do about it?
Awakening to who we truly are is not only an inner, spiritual journey of transformation, but it can also lead to social and political change in the external world.  Enlightenment can be a call to action in the form of spiritual activism if you answer the call. Two famous examples of this are His Holiness, the Dalai Lama from Tibet, and Thich Nhat Hanh from Viet Nam. They are both  Buddhist monks and Nobel Peace Prize winners, who have dedicated their lives in service to spiritual and political freedom, despite or perhaps because of imperialist intervention in their homelands. Another example is my friend, best-selling author Marianne Williamson, who campaigned for President of the United States in 2020.
To be clear, spiritual activism is not a necessary component for enlightenment, but it can be an expression of it. It comes from the gratitude of being awake. To care about the world that we have created as God-Consciousness is a calling of our soul on the deepest level of Awareness.
Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, there are some theories that Jesus Christ did adhere to it, but all of his references to it were later removed from the King James Bible. This allowed the king’s subjects to be more easily governed since they only had one life to earn their way into heaven or they would end up in hell. This is because the ruling class prefers to keep the population asleep, so they will be easier to control, like sheep. Much like a computer program, religion, education, and society in general, condition the minds of the masses for their entire lives. This societal programming serves as a way for the sheeple to be more readily manipulated and governed. The response to the COVID 19 global pandemic is just one example of how easily the masses can be manipulated by the powers that be. National economies have been devastated while people were ordered to stay at home and not work for months. People’s individual liberties have been plundered, in the name of “for your own safety and the safety of others.” The draconian measures that have been implemented due to COVID 19 will have consequences for generations to come.
Another threat to our planet, in general, is global warming and climate change. The polar caps are melting at an unprecedented rate and could lead to planetary changes that could ultimately destroy the human race. This combined with other environmental atrocities, poses a tremendous threat to the preservation of our species as humans. In fact, many other species of earthly creatures have already been killed off or are close to becoming extinct. For example, if bees, which are currently extremely endangered, were to become extinct, it would affect our entire food chain and could lead to the demise of humanity here on Earth.
That being said, I realize this physical world is an illusion, a dream we are having as God Consciousness. In the face of this future scenario, it is more important to remain true to who we are as absolute Awareness, untouched by whatever appears to be happening in this world. Yet, within this dream world, humanity as a whole is at a crossroads. If we are to survive as a species, we must transcend our societal programming and wake up, before it is too late.
If this is the first you are hearing about this, it may seem overwhelming to you. It may feel like there is nothing we can do in the face of all of it. But the truth is, we can stand up as a race and make changes where they are needed. For example, we can put an end to war, by truly loving our neighbor as our own Self. That doesn’t mean you have to like them. You may disagree on core values, you may have different customs. They may appear foreign to your own cultural conditioning, yet they are still your own Self. No matter how different we may all appear on the outside, we are all the same within. We are all one, including the globalists, even though they may be the cause of these potential threats in the first place.
If you feel called to take action, there are many organizations you can join or support that are already working to fight injustices, halt pandemics and stop the environmental disasters that I mentioned above. If we work together as one human family, I believe we can turn the tide, and save ourselves from imminent destruction.
If you don’t agree with this perspective, that is perfectly fine. What is more important is that you know who you are as the Source of all creation. You can simply be quiet and not touch the mind or any of its projections. You can remain in emptiness, untouched by the suffering of the world, knowing that it is all an illusion. You can refuse to give energy to the fear of climate change, or the tragedy of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. You can ignore the fact that fellow humans are dying needlessly from famine, disease, and war. It doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, for this life truly is but a dream.
Not everyone who wakes up has to be a Thich Nhat Hanh, or a Gandhi. Jesus refused Simon Zealot’s call for him to use his influence to incite people to rise up against the Romans. The Dalai Lama refused to fight the Chinese, as they raped and killed his people, and destroyed thousands of Buddhist temples in Tibet. Ramana Maharshi never left the holy mountain Arunachala in India, after he had realized the Self at the age of sixteen.
Perhaps to stay at peace, in the cave of your heart and not engage in the Maya of the world is the right action for you, and for others, it may be to take action. Allow the wisdom of your inner voice to guide you, as to what path is right for you.

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Prasad Paul Duffy is a spiritual teacher and visionary in the human potential movement. He is the author of the books YOU ARE LOVE and DANCING AS THE INFINITE, and is the founder of THE SOURCE SPIRITUAL CENTER in Los Angeles. For further into please visit www.prasadpaulduffy.com

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