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Satsang with Prasad

“During these challenging times it is more important than ever to maintain a spiritual practice like yoga or meditation. It is vital to cultivate your inner peace and innate wisdom to navigate the confusing waters of modern life in this digital age. With all the political and social changes going on it is also important that we awaken to our True Self, so that we can re-create a world that works for everyone. The social injustice, economic inequality, war, pollution and climate change are all issues that face humanity. It is time for us to all awaken to who we are to create Heaven on Earth together.”


~ Awakening to Your True Self ~

Whether you are searching for a romantic relationship, currently in one, or have given up on relationships altogether, your connection with your own Self is the most important relationship there is. It is the foundation of all your other personal relationships. Learning to cultivate a more intimate connection with your own Self will not only bring you greater happiness in your life, but it will radiate to everyone around you.

YOU ARE LOVE is for anyone who has ever felt that they are not good enough or were told they were less than. It is for those who are single and feeling lonely and for those who feel stuck in a relationship. It is for anyone who feels stressed out by modern life or who fears the inevitably of death. It is for those of you who would like to learn or strengthen your meditation practice and it is for all you seekers of truth and finders of freedom.

This book is not just another self-help book but it is a Self-Love book. It won’t teach you how to find your soulmate but it will show you how to get in touch with your soul. The first half of the book explores the subject of relationship and is applicable to anyone regardless of your relationship status. In a step by step process, it can help you drop any sense of unworthiness, from self-loathing to Self-Love. It can help you to find the love you seek, instead of looking for it in all the wrong places. The second half shows you how to realize your true Self. It can shift your consciousness from shame to freedom, from lack to abundance, from confusion to clarity, from doubt to wisdom, and from fear to love. If you allow it, this book can take you on a journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Self-Realization.

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“This life we are living is truly a miracle. To incarnate as a human being and learn to love one another as our very own Self is a precious gift. It is an auspicious opportunity to wake up and realize that there is only one of us here and we are all connected to everyone and everything in Unity Consciousness.”