You Are Love by Prasad- Front Cover

 -by Prasad Paul Duffy

Love is a mystery. It cannot be experienced by the mind. It can only be directly experienced when the mind is not there, because true love is formless. It is not a thing. It is pure nothingness. That is the mystery of love. It is not something to have or achieve. It is not something to find or lose. It is not something to feel or express. It is not anything at all. It has no qualities, except for those that you project on it. You know, how when you fall in love, it feels like you love the other person more intensely than anyone else? How you accept everything about them, good and bad, and you want to spend your life with that one special person? Now, what if you were to discover that you already are spending your life with that one special person? What if you were to realize that you have been looking for love in all the wrong places? When you stop looking for love, you realize it is already here. When you stop making choices, based on past experiences, you transcend your pattern of suffering. By trusting the mystery of love, you not only break the cycle of the toxic relationships that may have plagued you for your entire life, but you also heal the shame or loneliness that you may feel inside. Self-Love sets you free and helps you transcend your fear of abandonment. Regardless of what is happening, Self-Love never goes away.

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Dancing As The Infinite
 -by Prasad Paul Duffy

“This silent celebration is catching fire. Many, many
people just like yourself are waking up to this truth.
Recognize this now: you are home free. The powerful
realization of the ordinariness of enlightenment will
revolutionize this world. It is so radical, because it doesn’t
come from thought; it doesn’t come from concept; it doesn’t
change an idea, or recondition a mind. It’s a radical dropping
of mind, of all ideas. You are revolutionaries of truth!
Recognize this and live this truth in your daily life.” -Prasad

Culled from a collection of spontaneous talks given during
public gatherings, this book is designed to be read either from
beginning to end, or it can be opened to any page to receive the
perfect message for the moment. These are the songs of your own heart. Recognize them as what you have always known, as if they rise from within you. In doing so, you can put an end to your search and realize you are already That which you seek.

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