In this day and age, with technological break-throughs happening daily, and tech start ups becoming the new American Dream, there is a sense of adventure coupled with the pride of progress as we enter the dawn of the age of Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Drones, Automated Cars, Virtual Reality and more. All of these technological tools are designed to make our lives easier, and more connected as human beings, but is that what technology is doing and at what cost?
You only have to look at smart phones to see the pros and cons, and then ask one self, is it worth it? Yes we get to communicate instantly by call or text, even see each other’s faces, like on the Jetsons or Star Trek. The Future is here, and we need to come to terms with the costs as well as the benefits. For example, is it healthy for our youth to spend a majority of their day with their eyes glued to cell phone, tablet and computer screens, missing out the bigger picture of real life as it passes by them?
It may sound like I am anti-technology, but technology itself is neutral. It is the attitude towards it that makes it either a tool for progress or a weapon of destruction. As technology becomes more advanced, it is important to approach it from a heart centered perspective.
For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of The Singularity, simply put, it is the hypothesis that artificial intelligence will trigger rampant, technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. According to this theory, an upgradable computer based artificial intelligence could enter a runaway reaction of self-improvement cycles. Each new and improved, and super intelligent generation, would appear more and more rapidly, resulting in a powerful artificial intelligence that would far surpass all human intelligence.
The Singularity is also predicted to be the point at which the intelligence of machines and humans would merge. This is all part of what has been termed, Transhumanism, an international, movement that advocates for the transformation of humanity, by developing sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. This includes cybernetics, robotics, bioengineering, cloning, and other technological advancements. One of the most startling advancements of Transhumanism, is the plan to download a person’s consciousness into a computer, so that the person can live on indefinitely, in the form of Artificial Intelligence, even after they have dropped their body.
When we understand the implications of The Singularity, we can see the gravity of such an undertaking. The great theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking warned us, shortly before his death. “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”
If we are going to tackle the subject of the evolution of humanity via the high tech explosion, we need to explore and expose some of the real issues. First and foremost is the bottom line mentality of ‘Profits over People’, which is not a heart centered approach. Yes, companies need to be profitable, that is the bottom line, but there was a time when serving people, through goods and services was the main motivating factor and is what made good business good. This business approach was celebrated in the best seller In Search of Excellence, published in 1982. But sometime in the later 80’s there was a shift from a customer serving focus, as in “the customer is always right” to a more bottom dollar profit margin mentality under Reaganomics and beyond.
Heart Centered Technology is a call back to those times, before multi national corporate take-overs as many of the “Ma and Pa” stores were lost in the name of progress. By bringing back the values of caring for the customers needs, providing quality products at a fair price, and providing opportunities for the community to thrive under these business practices, we establish a standard by which the tech industry can be held accountable as well as inspire innovation. For example App-centric peer to peer business like Uber and Airbnb are bringing back the entrepreneurial spirit on a local grassroots level, connecting with other customers in your community and bypassing corporate dealers.
Heart Centered Technology is based on a new paradigm model of cooperation instead of competition. Working together to create a new tomorrow, that not only will help with the advancement of business, culture and society in general, but also will promote the human values, of respect, caring and compassion, upon which all good business can be based. This will create a healthy and sustainable relationship with customers, which translates into profits.
The high tech movement can be a dream come true or our worst nightmare. It is up to us. This is a conversation that we all must have. Before we plow ahead in scientific advancements, we must ask ourselves about our moral and ethical position in all of this, before the technology that we create becomes like Frankenstein’s monster and destroys it’s creator. I know it sounds like science fiction, but unless we as one human family come to terms with and agree upon the best path to balance ethics and morality with the bottom line profit margin, we risk the future of our planet and all it’s inhabitants.
It is easy to control the masses, when they surrender their power willingly. The media, filled with fake news and entertaining distractions has the means to make that happen. That is why almost all media is exclusively owned by the billionaire globalists. They know that whoever controls the media, controls the world. This is true, whether it be TV, movies, radio, newspapers, billboards, or more recently online media. In fact, online media seems to have become the most powerful, because people willingly give up their autonomy, including their privacy, to enjoy the benefits of 21st century technology. You only have to look at people’s obsessive engagement with their smart phones to wonder if the cons of technology out-way the pros. Just as it was portrayed in science fiction TV shows like “Star Trek”, many years ago, we can now communicate face to face on Face-Time or Skype, despite our physical distance.
But, in the end, is this convenience really worth it? For it seems now, even when we are in close proximity with each other, everyone’s faces are often buried in their phones, distracted by the latest Instagram post or immersed in a video game. People of all walks of life, across the globe, no longer relate to each other socially, the way they used to. Is this really what technological progress looks like?I have witnessed whole families at dinner in North America, lovers on a date in Europe, even monks at a temple in the Far East, sitting together completely preoccupied by their smart phones, to the point of ignoring one another. Subways in every nation are filled with passengers, looking down at the phones, instead of at each other and the life that is passing them by.
No one has been spared. People just don’t seem to relate physically to each other as much anymore. The technological revolution is here in full force, and humanity needs to come to terms with the costs, as well as the benefits. The youth are especially susceptible to this high-tech programming, via popular music, online media, and social networking. For example, is it healthy for young people to spend a majority of their day with their eyes glued to their cell phone, tablet and computer screens, missing out on their own life around them?
The matrix of online media not only programs them to think a certain way, like religion and education has done in the past, but it also can trigger their unresolved unworthiness programs. They may experience FOMO (fear of missing out), as they scroll down their friend’s social media timelines, feeling like they don’t have the kind of joyful life that others do. This can be a source of depression and emotional suffering for them. In addition, online peer pressure and the need to fit in, coerces them to confirm to society’s standards, even if it means betraying their own personal truth.
This begs the question, is this a conscious effort by the billionaire, globalist media moguls to once again disempower the masses so that they will be more governable? If it is, we must protect our youth from those influences, along with everyone else. In the end this could be an opportunity to encourage them to stop looking outside themselves for happiness and to inspire them to wake up to their true Self as Love.
Although some may discredit it as a conspiracy theory, I personally believe that humanity has come under control of a small group of billionaire globalists, who run the world. They use their wealth and resources to subjugate the masses, so they will be more easily dominated under a one world government, commonly referred to as the New World Order. Their corporations are also largely responsible for the environmental destruction that has been happening over the past century.
In fact, The Singularity is a perfect storm for these globalists to accomplish their goal. They already control almost all of the world governments. They lobby with millions of dollars, given to political campaigns in first world countries, and use organizations like the CIA to over-throw third world countries, and institute dictators, in the name of democracy. They back wars throughout the world and have throughout modern history, often funding both sides of the battlefield. This is mainly because war is so profitable for their companies, which build all the jets, ships, tanks and other war machines.
If this is the first you are hearing about this, it may seem overwhelming to you. It may feel like there is nothing we can do in the face of all of it. But the truth is, we can stand up as a race, and put an end to war, by truly loving our neighbor as our own Self. That doesn’t mean you have to like them. You may disagree on core values, you may have different customs. They may appear foreign to your own cultural conditioning, yet they are still your own Self. No matter how different we may all appear on the outside, we are all the same within. We are all one, including the globalists, even though they may be cause of these potential threats, in the first place.
The realization as the Oneness of Love, is the true Singularity. My personal prayer for humanity is that we all come together to create a world that works for everyone. We have the power to use technology, instead of allowing technology to use us. As technology becomes more advanced, it is important to approach it from an equally evolved perspective, what I refer to as Heart Centered Technology. This is possible as each one of us wakes up and realizes who we are as the creator of this dream world and that we are all One Love, connected in the same unified God consciousness. It is by awakening to our true Self as One Love, that we not only elevate our own lives, but also the world around us. By taking responsibility for our reality, we take responsibility for the world of our creation. This includes standing up to that very small percentage of billionaire globalists, the 1% of 1%, who are controlling the world. As a planetary majority, we as the 99.9%, have the power to make change. When we are awake, and are no longer disempowered by our unworthiness programming, we can stand up for what is right and fair for everyone in the world. We can create heaven on earth.

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Prasad Paul Duffy is a spiritual teacher and visionary in the human potential movement. He is the author of the books YOU ARE LOVE and DANCING AS THE INFINITE, and is the founder of THE SOURCE SPIRITUAL CENTER in Los Angeles. For further into please visit

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